Self-Destruction Part II

There is a certain beauty

In the thrill of danger

Staring down certain doom

And escaping narrowly

It brings a rush

Such excitement

To be given

A second life

It is exhilarating

To know not

Whether you’ll live or die

And end up

Making it through

To the other side

I crave this adrenaline rush

The charged feeling

Of being powerless and powerful at the same time

My boldness shall be the death of me

But I can scarcely bring myself to care

I shall be the instrument of my own destruction

The catalyst of my doom

The maker of my end

Constantly pushing the boundaries

Without fear and without dread

As such, I’m at once attracted

To the things that can hurt me

Tales of horror that could stop my heart

Feats of danger

That can be performed only

By those foolhardy enough

To face the dire consequences

Anything that will endanger my life

I’m willing to try

For the sheer joy

Of living to tell the tale

You were one such danger

I knew you were trouble for me

The first moment I met you

There was a fatal gleam in your eyes

You smiled at me like a knife

How foolish I was to think

That you were just another

New challenge

That I could handle you

Just as I did

The last times

I danced with danger

Oh, how you disarmed me

One look, and I was all yours

I gave you my delicate heart

To hold in your hands

Trusting that such a beautiful creature

Would guard it with his life

Instead you bared your fangs

For just the tiniest second

And you let it drop

And shatter like glass

What am I to do now?

I see I have met my match

You forced someone as proud as myself

To her knees

This proud, voracious girl

Once ready to take on any challenge

Humbled and beaten

In the worst possible way