That Girl

That Girl
Wrote this because it’s already two o’ clock and I’m still waiting for my research groupmates who said they’d get here at Coffee Bean Scent at one. This piece is pretty much a literary quickie. It’s not exactly a poem, essay, or short story which I think makes it even better. Literature can take on any form it wants as long as it touches people’s emotions. 

If you’re expecting me to be the girl of your dreams, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

I’m far from it actually. I have zits here and there on my face, a roll of fat spilling out of my jeans, and short, stumpy legs. My teeth have gone crooked from a lack of funds with which to pay the orthodontist. I’m not necessarily ugly, but my face isn’t one you’d look twice at either. Once, one of my mother’s friends said I might grow up to be attractive, which I don’t really think counts as a compliment. If you were to single me out from a group of girls, you would likely be wrong with your choice. I would be that one. The one at the end of the line, the one you completely missed.

I’m ordinary as ordinary can be. Nothing special. A certified Plain Jane. At a glance, there is not much you would remember me by. No striking features, no outrageous hairstyles or wacky clothing. I’m just a simple girl in a ratty t-shirt, jeans, and Chucks. I’m not the perfect, shining, saccharine-sweet princess you’re searching for. If anything, I’m the princess of awkwardness and lame sarcastic jokes.

But here is one thing I know. I may not capture your eyes, but I sure as hell will ensnare your heart and mind. You will be attracted to someone else at first, someone prettier and overall nicer, but I am the one who will engage you forever. Little by little, you will find certain characteristics in me that will draw you in. It may be my sarcasm, my complete refusal to conform to the majority, or even my brokenness. Whatever it is, with those characteristics, I will hold your heart in my hands without you knowing until it’s too late. I will be the dark horse. The one who came out of the blue. The girl who came in the night. The one you didn’t see coming. Slowly and tenderly, like a spring flower opening its delicate petals to the raindrops, you will feel a love for me grow in you. And no matter what happens, no matter what circumstances come our way, you will never forget me. Despite my lack of extraordinary traits, I will leave an indelible mark on you.

You see, that is just who I am. I’m the unexpected one. No one saw me coming into your life and affecting it in such a profound way, not even me.

That is how you will remember me.


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