There is a certain sweet sadness

In letting go

In letting fate and nature

Take their course

And in allowing destiny

To control your future

As it should

In knowing that the fight is over

And whether you won or lost

No longer matters
Maybe you feel

That you are losing the battle

Because it’s not one

That’s meant to be won

Maybe you feel

That you’re grasping at straws

Because there’s nothing left

To hold on to

Rest, love

You are too spent

To go any further

Even if you will not admit it

Your heart is weary

And your soul has

Reached its limit
You gave it your all

Now, do not regret

The gift you wanted

Was simply not meant for you

But for someone else

Do not be so selfish

To take something

That isn’t yours

Just trust, that one day

What is meant for you

Will simply find its way

Wherever you are

Whenever the time

For all the best reasons
Let the raging storm

Of your emotions

Slowly dissipate

From black, foreboding clouds

To wispy streaks of cotton

Until all that’s left

Is a calm quiet

Where everything

Is cleaner, safer

And a blank slate

Where you can start over





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